Color seems to stem from witchcraft...  


Meta-trend goes beyond what we normally consider a color trend. It is within and through all of the trends and continues onward because it is actually driven by a truly increasing awareness of color and its effects upon us.

To say ‘more’ color does not necessary indicate more intense color. In fact, metal trims of gold, silver, bronze and copper will still be around—but will become much less distinctive. Pewter and steel will adorn, but will be seen brushed, antiqued, and often taking on the hues of adjacent colors.

Prints will continue to come on strong. African, Vietnamese, Indian and even Old World Fleur-de-Lis will increasingly delight us. Batik and other Asian prints will be returning in popularity for several reasons. The most superficial, and obvious, one may be baby boomer’s nostalgia for the 60’s and early 70’s, but we feel that it is due more to the following factors.

First, the true internationalization of fashion as global markets continue to open and second, greater “color consciousness,” i.e. the Meta-Trend we are describing. Color with color (rather than a neutral), color on color, and color within colors.

Color is our omnipresent companion. In the natural world we move and breath in a sea of color. We are constantly reacting to it both at a conscious and subconscious level. As we become more aware of this truth, we will continue to see and use more and more of it.

The future of color will eventually bring us to a much more careful, deliberate and knowledgeable use of color, but for a good long time, this enhanced awareness and greater knowledge will simply make us want to see more color. And this, our Meta-Trend, indicates we certainly will.